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E Club Hosting is a Web Site hosting company, we host your blog!

What is hosting?

Every online business needs to be uploaded to the internet so people can find you. This is called a server! You the web site or blog owner needs to buy hosting space to "store" "hold" "sit" your blog. In our terms we call it hosting.

E Club provides you with the cost effective hosting space and offer the business grade blogging software for free.

Hosting starts at $4 per week for E Club Blog Members - $150 year

We also supply ready made shops. If you would like to start your own online shop we have heaps of the best Online Shopping Software packages available and while the software is easy to install, you have to manage your shop and products.

One of the great offers we have is our "word of mouth" package. If you can help - teach - show others how to blog not only will you make more money, but we offer a you a commission to this. The affiliate program is free to join and included with every E club Members Blog.

How would you like to help your friends make money online with a blog and get a commission to do so? 

The power of E Club is our members. The more members the more money you make. The more people are looking at your blog and all the others.

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Perfect Results

The platform is how your blog is put together and with the easy to use navigation you don't have to learn a whole web making program to get started. 

1. Easy

2. Fun

3. Money Making

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Company Overview

E Club is system of proven results and years of research into making money online!

Under $4 a week

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